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    saying about HOLD

I love how HOLD teaches concepts through creativity. My daughter has learned about gravity, physics, nature, ice age and space all through hands on projects and fun experiments in science. She comes home so excited to show our family the fun projects and experiments she has done. My son and daughter have engaged in literature studies that have incorporated writing and analysis with creative projects to fully understand the concepts in the book. A fun way to learn literature.  I highly recommend HOLD. It is a creative fun learning environment for your children.  --Adele Bulger


This was our first year at HOLD. My children love attending. I remember, a few years back, when they were in traditional school I would ask what they learned and they typically replied, "I don't remember". When I pick them up from HOLD they are eager to share their art work, what they learned in science, along with songs, rhymes, and stories learned in literature. They speak highly of their teachers. HOLD is not only educational, it's fun! My husband and I are grateful for a program that is Christ centered and has been such a blessing to our family.  

--Amy Borge

This was our first year homeschooling and what a great experience we had with HOLD! My son loves art but learned so much through the hands on projects in science and literature too! We had wonderful teachers who made learning fun. Next year my youngest will be joining too. HOLD is a must! --Lisa Hickman

Thank you, Susan and Liz, so much for your leadership in and coordination of the HOLD program. Abigail looks forward to HOLD each and every Monday (though she is not a natural early riser!). Because of the program, I now know my kid is "into" science, a truth that would have likely gone undiscovered for a few more years! The program also reinforced her love of literature and art!  --Amy Frank



We have four children, and our two oldest (now 9 & 10) have done HOLD for 2 years and absolutely love it. It is one of the highlights of their week.  They come home sharing amazing stories they read, beautiful projects they created, and unique things they discovered in Science. I am saddened that this is our oldest’s last year, but we still have a few more years to enjoy the program with our other little ones. Thank you, Mrs. Hammer, for this excellent program! --Samantha Peacock


Having our children attend HOLD has been a great opportunity for them to be in a safe and God-centered environment. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed each class and project, and they have always been very happy with their instructors. Mrs. Susan Hammer, the director, was so very helpful to our family as we were navigating through a very difficult time which affected our finances. Her actions were kind and understanding. She also gave us great tips on homeschooling techniques when one of our kids was having issues with a subject. We really love and appreciate her and all the instructors at HOLD and would encourage parents to sign their children up without hesitation. --Jose and Mariana

This was our first time attending HOLD. We have had an amazing experience!  We love the teachers and the classes are so much fun! Our son loves science, so my intention was to give him more of it in a fun environment.  Who knew he would find Art and Literature Arts so much fun too!! My husband and I really appreciate all the hard work from the teachers and the projects our son brought home this year!  We will definitely enjoy HOLD until he ages out!! We look forward to next year!! Thank you all!! --Diane Chiaravalloti 


Erica had only been attending HOLD for a month when I really saw how much she loved it. Erica's asthma was acting up and I told her maybe she should stay home. Erica began crying and begging to go. She learns so much while there! We are blessed!! --Ali Bragdon


HOLD has been a very rewarding experience for my daughter. She has been challenged in science, art, and language arts to develop her critical and creative thinking skills. She has thoroughly enjoyed her teachers and the sweet friendships she has made with her peers. I highly recommend HOLD classes! --Noel Reis


I love HOLD because it’s a small, safe, and fun learning environment for my daughters. The teachers are professional, caring and creative who bring to life the subjects of literature, science, and art. My daughters will always remember their special projects and experiments from HOLD!  --Shelane Mascaro

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